“Urdu Education Society” was born out of the vision of Late Shri Khan Mohammad Asghar Husian (M.P). It was founded in the year 1960 in the Cotton city of Maharashtra i.e. “Akola”. Since then the Urdu Education Society has nurtured the growth of various institutes viz. Usman Azad High School, Rooh Afza Khanam Girls High School, K.M.Asghar Husain Jr. College, K.M.Asghar Husain College of Education (B.Ed.), K. M. Asghar Husain Adhyapak Vidyalaya (D.Ed.) etc. in keeping with its commitment to excel in every field of education.
Over the last few decades, Urdu Education Society has contributed its best to the professional growth in the field of education and management of innumerable teachers that serves the public especially organized service agencies engaged in rural development, education, health and other public systems. Besides the focus on developing managerial competence among the pupil-teachers through acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, the Institute emphasizes the importance of developing a sense of social justice with right attitudes and values of discipline, dedication and commitment among all its students.
Over the years, Urdu Education Society has developed its own unique culture. The culture of Urdu Education Society is such that it accelerates passion of its teachers, students and also its members for achieving excellence in everything they do. While informality, flexibility and humaneness, are the hallmarks, growth and development of the whole person with integrity and ingenuity are the ‘added bonus’ of the culture in “Urdu Education Society”.